Why Are We Doing This?


Life, that’s why. Thank you for asking.


Question answered.

Well, maybe not. I guess that doesn’t really answer the question of who we are. But if you stop and think about it . . . thiiiiink . . . about . . . it . . . ok, fine, I’ll explain.

We’re all about LIFE!

We want to know what’s around the bend or down the dirt road. We want to get to the top of the mountain, see the sunsets, smell the wildflowers, taste the cold spring, and feel the grime of adventure caked on our sun-beaten faces.

The slap of a paddle against the water drives our souls like it drives a kayak across a clear blue expanse. The grumble of a motorcycle exhaust dredges something deep and carnal from within us. An animal gnaws at our guts to GET OUT THERE!

It’s an insatiable drive to be ALIVE!

But life isn’t only an adrenaline-driven trek through the wilderness. More often, life is the small moments—the smile from a loved one, the giggle of a child running through a sprinkler, the gut-busting late-night laugh with friends you don’t hang out with often enough.

So, what about the coffee?

That’s another good question.

When we sat down and thought about it, coffee was part of nearly every awesome thing we’ve done. It’s there in the morning, while we’re thankful for another day. It’s there when we camp down for the evening, after cooking our meal over an open flame. It’s there when we laugh, and when we cry. It’s there when we’re with friends, and it’s there to comfort us when we’re alone.

Life is made up of moments, and those moments define us. We want life’s moments——and you—to be great. Let’s go for it together. Adventure on!