Frequently Asked Questions

Is shipping and tax included?
Yes, both shipping and taxes are included in our prices.

How is our coffee different from store bought?
Our coffee is roasted fresh – every time – what you find at the grocery store… that stuff was roasted . . . um . . . well . . . we have no idea when it was roasted. Do you? We’ll bet it wasn’t a few days ago. We also roast the best beans from quality sources. We also ALSO roast in very small batches, which takes a little more time and attention … and that leads to a better drink.

What’s the big deal about being fresh roasted?
Freshly roasted coffee beans are on a different plane of existence compared to the bagged, canned, or sealed stuff you find at the grocery store – or even the stuff in your cup at most cafés. Coffee loses its freshness in about 7-10 days, and while some of the old stale stuff you drink might be palatable, freshly roasted coffee will taste AMAZING. It’s naturally sweet and full of life! That thin, bitter, sour flavor you get with many cups of joe comes from age. OLD age.

What’s the best way to grind coffee?
First of all, try not to grind until you’re ready to brew some coffee. When you do grind those wonderful beans, we recommend anything with a conical burr grinder. If you like to take your time, and add a little romance to the process, feel free to use a hand grinder. If you like pushing buttons, get a nice automatic grinder. We don’t recommend anything with the spinning blade, as that pulverizes some of the beans, and leaves other beans in large chunks. If that’s all you have, then we’ve found shaking the grinder up and down (with your hand on the lid) does a pretty good job of getting a uniform grind.

How many cups of coffee are there per bag?
That depends on a few things, including: how strong you like your coffee, the grind, and what mug you’re pouring into. If you’re like us, you should get 18-20 12oz. mugs of coffee.

Do I or can I freeze my beans?
It’s not necessary because our beans have a shelf life of only a week or two. Then the quality of the bean rapidly decreases and the flavor profile goes way downhill.

What’s the right grind on the beans for the different brewing methods?
Take a look at this handy infographic.

What’s the best way to brew coffee?
Hm. That’s up to you. (Not a great answer, we know.) But our favorite method is with the French Press. It’s about as simple as it gets: Grind beans, heat water, combine beans & water in the press, wait 4 minutes (the hardest part), plunge, pour, enjoy.

I received my coffee beans now how do I reseal my bag of beans to take them with me on my next adventure?
They actually don’t need to be resealed. They can be thrown in just about any container – even a ziplock bag – just like any other food that would be taken along.

Do I need a portable grinder?
Maybe. Lots of hardcore coffee drinkers take beans, a grinder, and a way to brew with them when they travel.

My coffee beans fit in my saddle bag but what about grinding them? Making my coffee on my adventure?
See above but it’s also not a huge sin to grind beforehand. If you’re camping, just do it cowboy style. Throw the ground beans into boiling water, wait a few minutes and strain when pouring.

Do I only drink this at home?
NO! Coffee should be consumed everywhere. It enhances the experience. I don’t care if you’re at the summit of Mt. Friggin’ Everest, have a cup of coffee!

Could I grind the beans, brew my coffee at home and put it in a thermos?
Yes. That’s a great idea. I recommend a thermos (that’s a brand name) which is not lined with plastic inside.

How do I store beans and grounds?
Any container that is away from the sunlight.