As silly as it may sound, I hadn’t thought about all the cool things you could put in coffee until I had a fun chat with Jennifer Dixon on Instagram about some fireside coffee.

She told me about a Frangelico and Bailey’s concoction that sounded pretty yummy, so I thought I’d try it for myself and see what the hype was all about.

After a little research I found quite a few recipes online but again, decided to do the challenging work of consuming my share of alcohol – for science! (It’s okay to drink before 10 AM so long as it’s for science right?)

So, here are my notes:

I tried the Ugandan, Flores, and Colombian coffee regions with the Frangelico and Bailey’s. The Flores, from Indonesia, had a nice … almost cake-like smell to it and edged out the other two for pairing with the alcohol.

As an aside, the Ugandan was incredible on its own. It has a very rich and deep flavor profile. The Colombian tasted like a good cup of regular coffee for the most part. Thank you Juan Valdez.

I used a tablespoon to add the liqueurs to the coffee and found it was perfect for me when I added 2T of Bailey’s and 1T of Frangelico to about 8-12 oz. of coffee. The Bailey’s acts like a super sweet mix of cream and sugar and the Frangelico gives it that little extra kick of “I’m drinking … woohoo!!” at the end of the taste. And, paired with the Flores it was indeed very yummy.

Both Scott and I preferred the taste of the Flores by itself – apparently I’m a full-on coffee snob and drink with my pinky raised – but the Flores, Bailey’s and Frangelico is something I’m definitely adding to my late-night-drinking-with-friends rotation.

Thank you again Jennifer Dixon for the coffee adventure!

If you like adventure, people, and the occasional cat, check out her Instagram feed. Also, if you want to see more of these kinds of articles or have another coffee pairing idea that you want us to try, leave us a comment below. We are here for you – fellow adventurers and coffee lovers.